Jackie Andrews

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Jackie Andrews

Finance Officer


Jackie joined Humentum (formerly Mango) in October 2015 as finance officer. She works on the finance team with Alicia and Richard, providing financial info and reports, paying invoices, supporting the expenses system, and preparing the monthly payroll.

Jackie previously worked for 13 years for Oxfordshire County Council in the accounts team.  She had left work in 1984 when she started a family, spent time as a learning support (classroom) assistant when the children began primary school, and only when they were off to university did she resume full-time work. Jackie has a degree in English at Lancaster University, and AAT Accounting.

Jackie lives in a small village in Oxfordshire, where she has spent the past 27 years.  Over this period, she has been involved in various community fundraising events, a Brownie leader for a short time, and an adult numeracy teacher in a local community center.

Q + A

Describe your ideal weekend

My ideal weekend would be to drive down to the coast, spend the days walking the coastal path and the evenings relaxing with food and wine.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or dessert in general?

Favourite ice cream flavour has to be pralines and cream.