Alison Glomski

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Alison Glomski

Assistant, Marketing


Alison Glomski started working at InsideNGO in August 2016 as the marketing assistant. She spends her days drafting emails, creating social media content, and generally supporting all InsideNGO marketing initiatives and campaigns. While studying abroad in Brussels, Alison interned at WindEurope (formerly the European Wind Energy Association) where she designed and executed social media campaigns, worked on website content and design, and contributed marketing support for a major conference event. Later, she spent a summer in Texas working for Peterbilt and had a memorable experience driving a big rig around the infield at Texas Motor Speedway. As a student, she worked on a marketing campaign for Heart of Missouri United Way and helped another young non-profit organization with their social media content. Alison graduated from University of Missouri in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Journalism. She lives in Washington, D.C., and enjoys exploring dive bars and visiting the pandas at the National Zoo.

Q + A

If you found a genie in a magic lamp, what would your three wishes be?

My first wish would be to speak every language. I’ve always been interested in languages and have something of a hobby of teaching myself new ones, but I haven’t yet had the patience to reach fluency. Next would be the ability to travel through time since I’m a huge history nerd. Lastly, I would want to spend just one day as a puppy because those little guys have it made.

Describe your ideal weekend.

My ideal weekend would involve sleeping in, seeing the pandas at the National Zoo, enjoying a lengthy brunch, and going to a hockey game.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or dessert in general?

My mom’s homemade angel food cake. She makes it for my birthday every year, even when I’m not there. She sends it in the mail with a ten-dollar bill to buy whipped cream and strawberries.

What is your favorite band or music artist?

This is tough because I tend to spend seasons of obsession with bands/artists and then move on, but if I had to pick an enduring one, it would be Elvis Costello. I was named after one of his songs, and I met him once, and his music is all-around fantastic—witty, catchy, and unique.