Learn, Apply, Achieve: InsideNGO's Simple Solution Drives Results

As of Monday this week, 20,000 learning moments have been supported through InsideNGO’s learning retention program. It’s an impressive number, but what does it mean?

In April 2015, InsideNGO decided to tackle the challenges associated with knowledge loss after a learning event. Although the science of remembering isn’t exact, it’s widely reported that just one week after a training, participants have already forgotten 90% of what they learned.

Training of Trainers 2: Where few trainings have dared to go before

“I don’t know, I’ve really begun to sour on train the trainer programs.” I was having dinner with InsideNGO’s Libby Spader and Kim Kucinskas, and we were talking about the concept of training people to deliver better presentations.

“I hear your concerns,” Libby said to me, “but what if we offered some way for people to actually practice the skills they’ve learned after the Training of Trainers course?”

I was intrigued.

Success in the Workplace, Beyond the Workshop

Fans and skeptics of eLearning alike agree: until now, comparing online learning to your typical face-to-face workshops has been a fruitless exercise. But what if you could find an eLearning experience that gave you the same benefits? InsideNGO has adopted a methodology that combines the convenience and innovation of eLearning with the engagement and expert guidance of participatory workshops.

Meet the eWorkshop. eWorkshops are designed and delivered under three guiding principles:


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