Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

With the myriad forces and opportunities reshaping the INGO sector, organizations, leaders and those leading major change initiatives are called upon to be more adaptable and agile than ever before. This one-day seminar provides NGO leaders with strategies and solutions to prepare for change, mitigate risks inherent to change processes, and support individual and organizational learning to sustain long-term transformation. This seminar is led by Daryl Conner and Ed Boswell of Conner Advisory and leverages expertise from leading practitioners, change management advisers, and your fellow leaders from the sector.

Attending organizations are entitled to a complimentary hour of consulting with Conner Advisory.

Who Should Attend
This workshop was created for organizational leaders, their senior teams, and those engaged in managing major change initiatives. While individual participants are welcome, InsideNGO encourages leadership teams to attend this workshop together, as the takeaways are most easily implemented when colleagues all have the same reference points. 

What You Will Learn
This seminar helps leaders and their organizations realize success throughout change processes. You will learn how to:

  • Prepare for strategic change by understanding the mindsets and behaviors required for success
  • Anticipate and influence the typical change dynamics that occur during major transformation, such as personal commitment and resistance to change, and the alignment of organizational culture with change
  • Mitigate the most common implementation risks that jeopardize change processes
  • Optimize roles and responsibilities of the leadership team and other key players

The InsideNGO Advantage
For more than 35 years, InsideNGO has been "inside" the NGO community, supporting organizations as they address the world's most pressing social issues. Our training activities are designed to help you and your organization build capacity, strengthen decision-making, develop more efficient systems, and identify effective solutions to important challenges. In today's complex operating environment, learning has never been more important, and we take great pride in being your partner in professional and organizational development.

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