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InsideNGO is pleased to offer the following online learning opportunities:

eWorshops - full participatory workshops delivered online

Financial Management for US Government Funding   

This online workshop helps individuals and organizations develop, implement, and maintain effective financial management systems to reduce audit risk and build collaboration across the organization. This highly participatory program offers you and your team opportunities to learn the fundamentals of financial management for US Government funding, including budget management, cost recovery, and donor audits.

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Presentation and Training Skills 

(formerly "Training of Trainers 2")

This online offering focuses on strengthening your ability to design and deliver highly effective presentations and training sessions.  You will gain skills and confidence to apply practical training strategies and tools in the workplace by learning to build engaging learning activities, design effective visuals, and deliver your content effectively.  Participants are expected to bring a short training product to work on and improve throughout the workshop.  

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Procurement Planning and Execution: USAID Grants & Cooperative Agreements

This online learning opportunity tackles the rewards and risks involved in executing procurements in USAID-funded assistance programs. Designed in a highly participatory style, the course provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to effectively manage all aspects of procurement that are typically required in project implementation.

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USAID Proposal Development: Research, Budgeting & Submission

In many NGOs, large and small, business development touches all team members, not just business development specialists. Program staff, human resources professionals, and those working in finance, grants, and contracts all are part of the proposal process. This online workshop mirrors the proposal development process from researching funding opportunities to submitting proposals.

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On-demand learning opportunities for you to access on your schedule

OMB's "Super Circular": Implementation Essentials for Senior NGO Leaders

This three-part webinar series is designed to help senior leaders understand how agencies such as USAID, State Department, and CDC are implementing OMB grant reform (i.e., the Super Circular) and what that means for your major decision making and future planning.

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PMD Pro 2 Exam: Practice & Preparation

A follow-on to the popular PMD Pro 1 certification, this course helps participants prepare for the PMD Pro 2 certification exam. The content explores the project management disciplines—justification management; scope management; time management; resource management; stakeholder management; and risk management—and provides opportunities to answer practice test questions in these areas.

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