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Upcoming Workshops in London, UK

Each year, thousands of individuals from the international relief and development NGO community around the world participate in InsideNGO workshops, webinars and roundtables. 

InsideNGO strengthens the operational and management capacity of organizations in the global NGO community through effective collaboration, practical solutions, professional development, and advocacy.

For questions about any of the below events, or for help with registration, please call our offices at 203-226-3650 or email

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Compliance Overview for Senior Leaders (June 4)

What do you need to know to make sure your program keeps its funding, is eligible for future funding, and doesn’t get held up with audit and compliance challenges?

How can you, as project leader, manage a culture of compliance so that your focus can be on programmatic success, rather than on compliance issues?

What are the latest regulation updates, how can they work to your advantage and are there adjustments you need to make to your program to ensure compliance?

This course is written with senior program staff in mind. It will focus on the key compliance areas in which senior staff need to keep current. The information will be targeted to help you and your program avoid compliance pitfalls and problems. Learn more.

Procurement Planning & Execution: USAID Grants & Cooperative Agreements (June 6-7)

The risks involved in procurement execution make this area the primary focus of audits and compliance reviews. In 2012 USAID changed regulations which are directly related to procurement. This workshop provides a complete regulatory update so participants will leave with the most current USAID regulation information.  In addition, participants will gain an understanding of the knowledge, sample systems and tools necessary to be able to effectively manage all aspects of procurement that are typically required in project implementation and to be able to take steps to reduce their organization’s risks in this area. Learn more.

USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements for Non US NGOs (September 25-27)

International organizations that rely on USAID funding to support their programs often face many challenges in effectively managing these awards. The rules and regulations associated with award management are complex and often change. 

This workshop will equip participants with a comprehensive knowledge of USAID grants and cooperative agreements. Participants will improve their ability to manage awards and build the confidence to guide their organizations through successful award implementation. Participants will return to work equipped to navigate the circulars, handbooks, and other rules and regulations that underlie all USAID and USG awards, and with strategies for building and coordinating relationships that are critical to successful USAID award and program management. Learn more.