Capacity for Humanity Sessions

Capacity for Humanity Sessions

Sessions at Capacity for Humanity:




Keynote 1

Adriano Campolina


Instituting Behavior Change in Local Communities

Pauline Wambeti

Nuru International Kenya

How Can NGOs Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie, SHE Tanzania;  Kenneth Nana Amoateng, Abibiman Foundation Ghana; Sarah Tobhi Motha, Umphakatsi Peace Ecovillage (UPE) South Africa; Austine Maduka, COMAFAS Nigeria

Salama Heritage Ecovillage (SHE) Tanzania

Bridging the Gap: Building Financial Literacy Amongst Girls in Africa

Abdulrahman Abdu

Mercy Corps Nigeria

Learning for All: Leveraging Digital Content to Support Inclusion of Disabled Learners

Simon Eroku

Uganda National Association of the Deaf

Create a Virtuous Cycle: How Organizational Learning Will Make Stronger, Happier Staff

Meg Ahern, Ph.D.


How Do We Create an Organizational Learning Culture Anyway? Fostering a Work Environment Conducive to Learning Transfer

Faye Ekong

Action Against Hunger USA

Humanitarian Shifting Power Project: A Case Study



Learning from ActionAid's Myanmar Fellows Programme



Sharing the Skills and Methodology of a Local Rights Programme



Strengthening Capacities Among Responders and Humanitarian Organisations



Humanitarian Leadership Academy