In-house workshops

In-house workshops

InsideNGO offers organizations the opportunity to contract many of our open workshops on an in-house basis. In-house workshops cover the same information as an open workshop, but enable the trainer to tailor the content and group exercises to the learners. Many clients find that in-house workshops provide a cost effective solution to their professional and organizational training needs. Please note that in-house workshops are scheduled based on trainer availability. 

Across the board, ICM staff reported that they found the InsideNGO training to be relevant, informative, and confidence-building. The trainers were professional and demonstrated a respect for the differing experience levels of the local staff.

David Sutherland

Chief Executive Officer

ICM, Manila



The base fees for in-house workshops are as follows:

3-day workshops: $15,000

2-day workshops: $10,000

1-day workshops: $5,000

The fees associated with each course are for a training group of up to 30 participants. There is no minimum number of participants, so the price is the same if there are fewer than 30 participants. Workshops conducted outside the U.S. are an additional $2,500.

Customization may be possible for certain in-house workshops for an additional fee. 

Additional costs:

InsideNGO will invoice the client organization for costs associated with:

  • Printing and shipping workshop materials
  • Trainer travel and accommodation

The client organization will be responsible for other costs associated with hosting the workshop:

  • Venue
  • Catering

Contact for more information, or to schedule an in-house workshop.

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If you are instead interested in sending your staff to InsideNGO’s open workshops, you can view our upcoming workshop schedule here.